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Active Community Action Against Binance Casino

At the launch of (the mirror of, we published the Goals, objectives and help of the project, where we tried to describe in detail why the project exists and what it does to meet its objectives. In 2 years, we did a lot of work, collecting and gathering information regarding Binance's activity, sorting, analyzing and using against Binance scam.

ScamBinance has managed to build a community which has been growing exponentially lately (as the number of victims of Binance's activity is growing exponentially). After 2 years of collecting information, came a clear understanding of what is the organization Binance in its essence, and what users are for it, gradually gained useful contacts and connections for the legitimate fight against Binance scam. From time to time, we get to know the local communities of defrauded Binance, e.g. community from Australia, community from Italy. We get huge amount of requests and letters from ordinary traders from all over the world, even from China (where Binance allegedly does not serve customers), and from USA (where Binance launched supposedly regulated exchange Binance.US).

In almost all appeals (local, group) there are always 2 important questions: How to return the stolen assets and What to do?

It's important to know

- At first, we too (like you) used Binance services and were happy with everything. It is always so, until the first problem - you are always satisfied with everything, as soon as there is a problem (financial), immediately comes the realization of what casino you are in. We have also tried to prove our case to Binance via chats and Support Center, even reached some understanding and signed the NDA agreement - which then, was not fulfilled by the Binance side. We were sure that we were right and Binance would understand and see the obvious, collected evidence, addressed, conducted dialogues - all this has no practical benefit. The maximum, that you "will be given" is 10-20% compensation and will be given VIP1 (VIP2) status for a certain period of time - nothing more. You just get robbed, returning you 10-20% of your own money (from 100%) and believing that this conflict is over, you do not owe anything more and you have no right to defend their rights legally.

- If you lost money on, does not always mean that the money was taken by the "hand of the invisible market" or you made a mistake. Sometimes, and very often - you are cheated and robbed by Binance platform (technical problems with server shutdowns, BULL / BEAR (UP/DOWN) tokens, inflated volumes and Binance bots are trading against you, and a lot more tricks and systems, through which Binance deprives you of capital).

- Realize that in case of a disputable financial situation, there will be no help from Binance for you. You won't be able to turn to a financial ombudsman; you won't even be able to communicate with Binance in a meaningful way. The role Binance has assigned to users is to bring in money, to lose money (by any means, including manipulation and deception). The user has no rights, Binance has no responsibility for you, your capital, your account, the technical workings of the platform (these legal points are clearly spelled out in the "Agreement" between you and Binance - no responsibility for anything). Binance is an unregulated, underground, gambling casino. All questions you will be offered to solve with the legal entity Binance Holdings Limited (Cayman Islands), an offshore, which is also unregulated and you can't expect any help from anywhere. The owners of this casino Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) and Changpeng Zhao have direct benefit from your losses, and no regulation for 4 years did not want to pass, in any country in the world. Binance casino business model is criminal, criminal, illegal, including the provision of brokerage, banking, Forex and other financial services (futures, margin, tokenized shares) and extremely fraudulent, posing a danger to the crypto and financial community.

What to do? 

- If you ended up on our website and you are a victim of Binance's actions, send us your case. Describe as much as possible what happened, when it happened, attach appropriate screenshots/videos. We will try to get into the situation as much as possible and give one or another advice. If you had a correspondence with the staff of Binance - send it. In order to understand what to do in this or that situation, we need to understand the situation as much as possible. We don't need your passwords/logins, access to myAlpari or other confidential information.

- Send complaints to Send Complaint: Countries and Organizations, it is important to write your complaint well and beautifully. It is important not only to send it via email or a special form, but it is advisable and very important to send your complaint in a printed format to the mailing address of an organization in your country. Didn't get a response to your complaint? Send more, bring your fraud complaint/report in person to the organization.

- Dispatch complaints to Binance's financial partners, send complaints to law enforcement agencies, regulators in your country, international organizations and media publications in your country.

- Find defrauded traders on social networks, find communities and join their ranks, develop a united system of fight against Binance, unite. Try not to lose contact with the community, and actively defend your point of view and your rights. Unite and find channels of communications with financial regulators, with law enforcement agencies (there is absolutely financial crime against you, usually manipulation and fraud), actively work with lawyers and don't be afraid of class action suits.

- Withdraw all assets from the Binance platform, don't trade there and don't hold any open positions or any fiat/crypto assets there. Learn from other people's mistakes - a large number of exchanges "disappeared" from the market, together with the capital of investors and traders, no need to take risks and try to beat Binance casino, you are in their territory (offshore and not regulated), realize it and make a volitional decision.

- If you have a lot of free time and you want to contribute to the development of ScamBinance community, to take part in the fight against illegal Binance casino, write us an email to [email protected], we will give you this opportunity.

What do we do?

Everything, the same as we recommend you:

- We started sending out complaints to law enforcement and financial regulators in the summer of 2019 and try to send out updated complaints every 2-3 months. We send complaints in written and .pdf format, to the Country and Organization List, in parallel we send complaints and statements directly to mailing addresses. Financial regulators, international organizations, law enforcement agencies do not work fast, the bureaucracy takes time, but it is important to understand - there are results. You can see the results yourself, 2021 is informative enough showed the place of Binance and the attitude to Binance from many countries and financial regulators, and this is just the beginning. A large number of requests are pending or under discussion.

- We send complaints by all available methods to financial partners of Binance, we wrote about them in article - Illegal financial transactions of Binance with fiat money and the updated list is available in material Complaint results: Remaining financial partners of Binance (depositing and withdrawal of fiat money).

- We are in contact with a large number of communities, and traders who have been affected in one way or another by the actions of Binance. We are trying to unite different groups for common cause. We are preparing to file a class action lawsuit, which we plan to merge with the Lexia Avvocati law firm. At the same time, we have begun preparations and accumulation of opportunities for our own class action lawsuit.

- Collecting data on Binance activities, collecting data on Binance entities, collecting data on the media for mass newsletters when the X hour arrives. We actively cooperate with financial regulators and law enforcement organizations but have little contact with journalists and media outlets (we are working on that). We are poorly represented in social media, we try to strengthen this aspect if possible.

Don't forget:  Everything is in your hands, Binance fraudulent activity will be stopped sooner or later. The beneficiaries and owners of this casino will incur not only moral responsibility, international public censure, but also criminal responsibility. Together, combining our stories, our energies and our aspirations, we will be able to defend our rights and recover our capitals. Thereby bringing closer the hour of reckoning and order in the crypto sphere. Active citizenship is an absolute trump card in your hands in the fight against Binance parasite.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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