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Goals, objectives and help for the project

 The project is a completely logical and reasonable step for everyone who faced the scam of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and understands the need for a unique community to defend their interests and inalienable rights. Once you get into the "situation" and chat with the Support Center, you understand the whole essence of the underground casino called "Binance Exchange".

- Active actions against Binance

The information section Active Community Action against Binance Casino is created and launched, it will be updated when possible. The section carries the information, how any aggrieved investor/trader can influence Binance casino, how he/she can bring his/her position/complaint to regulators in his/her country, or to law enforcement authorities, how he/she can state his/her claims and wishes for compensation. Filing a Complaint: Countries and Organizations section - will help in this direction, you can choose your country and take all the necessary information on regulators of your country and law enforcement organizations. In parallel, the section Active Community Action against Binance Casino describes what ScamBinance employees are doing directly to achieve the goals/objectives.

- Objectives of the project: 

It is maximum publicity of Binance's criminal activities around the world. It is publication of all private (and collective) Binance scam cases, publication of information about legal entities and individuals involved in the activities of Binance. It is publishing and collecting information that Binance is trying to delete (or has already deleted) to hide its intentions or actions. We try to create a Binance Victims Union. It is the implementation of collective lawsuits and collective applications to law enforcement, regulators of the financial markets of the world. We try to focus the crypto community on the inadmissibility of cooperation with the so-called Binance "cryptocurrency exchange".

Maximum cooperation (regular mail/e-mailing of all available information, complaints, claims) with law enforcement agencies, financial regulators around the world, financial intermediaries with which Binance cooperates, international organizations, journalists and media publications.

- The goal of the project: 

Bringing to justice and criminal liability the leaders and beneficiaries of Binance. It is the reimbursement of compensation for all cases of scam against users. It is the lawsuits in the framework of stock and financial crimes in many countries of the world, including the USA, China, and Russia. It is the closure of the criminal organization Binance for further illegal actions against individuals, legal entities, states and government agencies on the Internet. The domain "" was seized. We want to clear the fragile world of cryptocurrency from swindlers and scammers managing the illegal Binance casino. Blocking fiat financial flows to Binance from consumers (disabling payment systems, bank transfers, SEPA, SWIFT, any other payment means and/or electronic systems with which Binance cooperates).

- Helping the project: 

Distribution of information: The maximum assistance that you as a reader can provide to the project is the distribution of information about Binance scam in your circle of friends. Publications of our information and links to our project in the media, publications on forums and chats, and relevant conferences are welcome. The maximum distribution of information is the most necessary aspect in the fight against such financial crimes, including the distribution of information in the media space and informing financial regulators, authorities and law enforcement agencies of your countries.

Withdrawal of funds from Binance: If you realize the whole danger of the "Binance casino", you should not engage in trading / exchanging activities on the specified site, moreover, withdrawal of funds from Binance and transfer of your capital to other cryptocurrency exchanges is a step that will protect your funds from any illegal action by Binance. Choosing an exchange where to trade is your right, the main thing is not to trust your financial resources to Binance scammers.

- Information for the media and law enforcement:

organizations We are glad to any cooperation with media publications; we will provide all the necessary information for articles and publications. We strongly welcome the desire of journalists to understand the Binance issue and, to the best of our abilities, to participate in investigations. We are ready to cooperate in various PR events within the framework of the declared "goals and objectives". For employees of regulatory government agencies or law enforcement agencies, we will provide all the necessary information on conflicts known to us and will assist in finding victims to collect and provide data for official investigations.

- Report information about Binance: 

You can send any information about the illegal activities of the casino-Binance. If you have a conflict with Binance, please send the most complete information (including screenshots of correspondence, screenshots of actions or trading performed). If you have compromising information or inside information on Binance (for example, you are a former employee of this structure), we will be glad to communicate and publish with the preservation of confidential personal data.

Any suspicious events related to Binance, such as blocked accounts, scam in trading activities, cancellation of applications, manipulation of tokens (cryptocurrencies), data on listings or violation of the laws of your countries – you can and should be report not only to employees, but also simultaneously to law enforcement organizations and regulators of financial markets.

Any information that falls into the hands of is analyzed and published in the Russian segment of the portal and in the English part of the portal. Together, we will be able to achieve all the goals and objectives of the project, especially if we have the maximum amount of information about Binance's illegal actions and provide this data not only in the public plane, but also in the legal and criminal planes, without restrictions on countries and nationalities. Binance Scam is an international financial and exchange scam that needs to be stopped.шаблоны для dle 11.2