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15 Jun

Sending applications to regulators and law enforcement agencies, according to the list to file a complaint: Countries and organizations. List of the organizations and countries on the forum Litigation with Binance - jurisdiction, regulators

3 Jul

Start of the FRAUDBINANCE.COM project in Russian and English languages

20 Nov
23 March

Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) and Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commissions (SFC) Demand that Binance Should Obtain a License

4 Apr

Class action lawsuits have been filed in the United States against Binance, Block.One, BitMEX, TRON

20 Apr

Binance fraud with tokens FTX BULL/BEAR

16 May

Start of the SCAMBINANCE.COM project in Russian and English languages

29 Okt

Consultation and assistance in the investigation for

30 Okt

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17 Feb

Temporary difficulties: DDoS attack on

21 Apr

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11 June

India's financial regulator ED: Money laundering on WazirX and Binance exchanges

8 Jul

Binance Justification: An Open Letter to Changpeng Zhao

28 Jul
06 Aug
15 Aug

Massive fraud by financial regulators: and, and