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Binance does not answer questions about its legal and physical location

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With numerous claims and scandals, clouds are growing heavier over “Binance cryptocurrency exchange and casino” and sooner or later a storm is sure to break. And considering all the financial and exchange crimes committed by Binance, the pay-off is going to be powerful. In the meantime, we are hammering another nail into the coffin of Binance scam. published a remarkable article titled A User Took a Flight to Hong Kong to Find Bitfinex Headquarters but Failed telling about searches for Bitfinex exchange office and mentioning Binance exchange which by the way does not even publish the legal entity on whose behalf it conducts his illegal activities on the Internet:

A funny thing: in May, something similar happened to Binance cryptocurrency exchange. In the first half of the month, the platform founder Changpen Zhao was asked where their head office was located. There was a strange answer that "Binance office is in any place where Changpen is". Read more about this story in a dedicated article.

There has already been an article about Binance where the casino owner’s location and legal data, about the office at least, are a secret of the 21st century – Head of Binance Exchange (CHANHPENH ZHAO) Refused to Disclose the Location of its Headquarters. The swindlers’ response was strikingly insolent:

The headquarters will be where I am. Where I need someone, this place will be the office.

In the context of our claims against Binance (namely, Loss of 86,000 USDT Caused by Binance), we repeatedly asked questions about the legal management company, contact details of the legal department, their legal or actual addresses, and the regulator “monitoring” the operation of Binance casino but – alas – they were never answered. Binance either ignores the questions or instructs to write to [email protected] where no replies can be expected at all:


What do we have in conclusion?

The so-called Binance cryptocurrency exchange conceals any information for legal prosecution of its scams and criminal acts, their scam. Neither a legal entity (the company managing the exchange), nor legal or actual addresses, or any information about the regulator (which the exchange simply does not have working outside the law, illegally) – no data is publicly available, and even the Support Center of the exchange with alleged multibillion turnover (which is not true) does not provide any information.

Do you have any doubts as to the information published? Just try to contact Binance Support Center yourself to clarify these issues. We will be happy if you can provide screenshots of the answers (or closed Tickets) on the subject.

Media have already published materials that even the actual location of the office is concealed by Binance casino. Head of Binance Refused to Disclose the Location of its Headquarters – activities that need to be investigated by FBI based on the Criminal Code.

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