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Fraud with the signed NDA agreement: violated by the Binance’s lawyers and the Binance Exchange itself (money was not transferred)

Important: Forbes: Binance earns from U.S. investors by cheating regulators (Operation Tai Chi)

Trade tickets № 3026940, № 3179978

This material can be used on forums, blogs, mass media - it is a full description of legal forgery, scam and deception on the part of Binance Exchange against the trader, which signed the NDA Agreement with the possibility of receiving compensation in 1000 USDT and has never received the money.

The article uses information from other sections of this conflict, namely:
- Scam with NDA: Communication with Binance Support Center
- Scam with NDA: Communication with the lawyer Anatoliy Rybachok (Juscutum Consulting LLC, Juscutum LLC, Kiev, Ukraine)
- Scam with NDA: Review of a dubious NDA agreement (violated by Binance)
- Scam with NDA: Background on Anatoliy Rybachok (Juscutum Consulting LLC, Juscutum LLC, Kiev, Ukraine)

The conflict itself with Binance, namely their scam and forgery with characteristics of BULL/BEAR tokens from FTX company is not considered in this article, there is a corresponding section of BULL/BEAR tokens and there is a lot of information there, as well as on the Internet in general.

Let's start the story from the moment Binance delisted BULL/BEAR tokens because "Users don't understand how they work", in fact these tokens didn't work the way they were declared and their pricing was plucked out from the air, and at the end of the "delisting" generally broke away from the underlying asset and went free floating.

I created a trade ticket to the Binance Support Center with a request for compensation for damages (it was rounded at 2600 USDT). By that time, a scandal had already broken out in the Internet and a Telegram chat room had been set up where investors provided evidence of why Binance's fault was full. The Binance exchange on this wave, began to delete articles and descriptions of these tokens and prove to all traders that everything worked fine and losses, it's their fault – they shouldn’t trade high-risk financial assets.

But the evidence was and is indisputable, the staff of the Binance Support Center began to offer compensation - from the ridiculous one (like 1 BNB token = 16 USDT, to the offers in percentage ratio). After my communication, I managed to win a 46% offer, namely 1200 USDT from 2600 USDT.

I would like to note an important point: The fact itself that Binance offers its clients a low-quality product for work, and through compensation is trying to return (give back) not the entire amount of damage, but only part, instead of returning the entire amount and calculate compensation for the situation itself - we do not consider, these are obvious things and a powerful "minus" in the reputation of the so-called exchange. Stealing 1 dollar from users, those who applied and tried to prove their case at the obvious jambs to return 50-80 cents from 1 dollar, it is not "admitting a mistake and apologize", it is a financial scam and an attempt by Binance to remove articles describing, to shift the blame on the company FTX (with which they have an excellent relationship) - only exacerbates the situation, financial scam with attempts to scam and conceal the facts.

The funds in the amount of 1200 USDT were accrued. My partner is a member of Telegram group of deceived traders by these tokens. The group discussed the possibility of full compensation, prosecution of Binance for financial and stock exchange manipulations (and is still discussing, despite the fact that the previous owner either removed the chat or was hacked, but the chat was restored and is still working today). Gleb Kostarev, a representative of Binance in the CIS, appeared in the group and offered a form for filling in financial claims, at the same time gave the contacts of Anatoly Rybachko, a lawyer - who had to consider all appeals on a certain day and find some way out of their situation. Having talked to the partner (later, the representative), it was decided to fill in the form too, as 46% of 100% is not compensation, but mockery of people who have entrusted their financial assets to the Binance exchange.

The form has been filled out and the amount is specified. On the appointed day, Anatoly Rybachko, representing the interests of Binance, got in touch with my representative and offered 1000 USDT compensation (in total, with the funds already received it was 84% of the the loss), in return he asked me to sign an NDA agreement, where all conditions for the preservation of confidential information were discussed and the amount of compensation was specified.

We need to be sure of the authenticity of your data. Therefore, along with signing and sending the NDA, you need to send me a scan or photo of the documents whose details you specified in the NDA (passports, ID card, etc.).

You don't have to worry about the security of your data - we have specifically provided for Binance's liability in case of disclosure, and it is the same as for disclosure of confidential information by you. Both NDA parties - you and the Exchange - have the same terms and conditions.

We are very careful to protect personal information and understand its importance to everyone. So you don't have to worry, your data will be safe.

Once we have received your completed copy of the contract and your documents and verified that they have been completed correctly, we will immediately inform the financial department about the transfer of the refund amount.

no one has provided more documents. It's nice that Binance exchange cares about personal data (there is an article on the site - KYC Binance user data leakage and scam with VIP accounts - the level of care as all Binance services), but the data is not transferred to the exchange, but to Ukrainian lawyers, who will take care of them or not - historical question and the answer is well understood by all (the answer – they will not). Yes, it was nice to fill in the Agreement, which no one has fulfilled, and now they even do not notice it.

Please DocuSign NDA Binance... by ScamBinance on Scribd

I gave my consent, signed the NDA agreement, provided the documents that Anatoli Rybachok requested in his letter. But as it turned out, due to confusion of names (there was a representative in Telegram, and I signed the Agreement personally) or unwillingness to pay the money, a dialogue began to find out why it is so, and not otherwise. The communication with the lawyer Anatoly Rybachok was short and ended in nothing, nobody made any efforts to request the necessary documents or to hear the opponent. Identity verification, taking into account the online conclusion of the transaction is generally a normal phenomenon, given that my first and last names are different from the name of the representative as it is seen in the correspondence and in the Agreement (paragraph 4.7 in some ways gives the right to Binance to request the additional documents from me).

The lawyer Anatoly proposed to settle the issue of compensation directly with Igor (my representative), although he is not the owner of the account, nor the party that signed the NDA Agreement and this NDA Agreement has already entered into force since its signing (paragraph 4.1). It seems to me that it is a fair answer that the representative (Igor) has nothing to do with the account at Binance, in the column of his name (during verification) is empty. And he made it clear that if necessary, the owner (Ramil - me), can provide any necessary documents for the situation, or as an option will be verified the account on Binance, and the NDA Agreement can be supplemented with introductory data such as - phone, account ID, e-mail. Because this NDA Agreement is of extremely poor quality and it is not clear how lawyers drafted it at all.

Unfortunately, my representative and the lawyer Anatoly could not come to a common denominator. Despite all my wishes, the signatory of the Agreement was not asked to provide me with any additional documents, or asked to undergo account verification (if they had any doubts about the violation of any rules), or asked to contact me or other actions that could lead to a positive result.

The result of the correspondence is expected, despite the fact that my account has already been compensated in the amount of 1200 USDT and there is no doubt about whose account it was, after the signing of the NDA Agreement (paragraph 1.2.2.) the amount of 1000 USDT was not accrued on a completely fictitious pretext, and from my side, I think this action to be the incompetence of lawyers and banal scam of Binance. For one reason, if Binance had doubts about who owned the account, I could have been fully verified or required to undergo the KYC procedure.

Also interesting is the fact that earlier compensation of 1200 USDT was accrued without any Agreements and Conditions, the subsequent compensation was already with the conditions, the Agreement and despite the fact that the account in both cases is the same, the money was not credited to it. When I funded my account, surprisingly, I wasn't asked to sign an NDA agreement or asked to be verified, but when the time came to return what Binance had earned dishonestly, there were conditions that I was willing to meet, but alas.

The amount of 1000 USDT under the NDA agreement was not credited to the account. According to the Binance's Support Center, they have already returned everything they owe and the NDA Agreement is not seen at point-blank rangeas if it does not exist. Even though the Agreement itself, specifically the paragraph 4.1 states that the NDA Agreement comes into effect when it is signed and must be implemented – but it didn’y happen. Paragraph 4.2 states that the NDA Agreement cannot be unilaterally terminated (let's say by Binance at will), but in my case, not only has Binance failed to comply with the terms of the Agreement, but the Binance Exchange does not see it at point-blank range after Anatoly Rybachok (lawyer) allegedly no longer works with Binance.

When it was clear that lawyer Anatoly Rybachko does not play by the rules and/or does everything not to comply with the NDA Agreement already signed by the parties - I decide to apply directly to the Binance Support Center and on the basis of the document to end our conflict in a civilized manner. There are also some naive people in Russia who believe that the exchange rate of the crypt currency does not "create exchanges, that trading volumes are fair and real, that there is a lot of liquidity in the market" and that offshore Binance will implement the NDA Agreement which it signed through its representative.

The communication has gotten funny:
- First, the Binance Support Center says that the lawyers will contact me to discuss the options. Although, in the first announcement I have already indicated that the NDA agreement is in place and all that remains is to be credited. But as I quote "You are not satisfied with our proposal", please contact the lawyers.

- I was clarifying the above information, but the Binance Support Center refused to do anything and referred me to the lawyers (with whom you have already worked). That is, is not their problem, but a legal one. Again, the NDA Agreement has been signed and is effective from the moment it is signed, but no one cares. I upload the NDA Agreement to the ticket system (you can see it in the screenshots), but apparently nobody is even looking at it.

- The second or third time I'm trying to make it clear that my lawyer has already been in touch, I signed the NDA Agreement, here it is downloaded. The case is left for 1000 USDT, which I did not see, the request to make an accrual and all - I have no other requests, no claims. I have already formed an understanding of "where I got to and what are the procedures here". An employee of the Help Center suddenly remembers that I've already received compensation in the amount of 1200 USDT and that the issue should be handled by a lawyer - the progress during the week of communication, and recommends contacting a lawyer. I wonder if I should be compensated by lawyers or by Binance Exchange.

- It is not possible to contact the LLC “Juscutum Consulting”, a letter was sent to the lawyer Anatoly Rybachko and to LLC “Juscutum” but there was no reply (I enclosed the screenshots). What I notify Binance about and the most interesting begins. It turns out that Binance no longer cooperates with these lawyers (“Juscutum Consulting” LLC, “Juscutum” LLC (Kiev, Ukraine)) and they start to decide on compensation on their own again. It doesn't take much to be happy, as it turns out that the compensation has already been given before signing the NDA Agreement (and before my representative communicates with Binance's lawyers) - this is all for me.

- The fact that an NDA agreement has been signed between Binance and myself does not appear in any way in Binance's communications, they do not notice or see it. Naturally, they do not want to credit money under the NDA agreement. Since, after the first compensation, I said "Thank you" and this phrase legally outweighs the NDA Agreement. This concludes the communication, the ticket is marked "Executed" and that's it. Binance has forgiven itself all the debts and even the commitments it has made by signing the NDA Agreement - spitting on the legal document, which is blatant scam (in my opinion).

- Please note, if in correspondence with the lawyer Anatoly Rybachko, there was an attempt not to pay the money, allegedly incomprehensible whose account and other nonsense. In correspondence with Binance Support Center, the question of whose account is not worth it - it is clear whose account has already been credited with 1200 USDT compensation, here the question was raised differently. They say that you have been paid 46% (total damage from Binance 2600 USDT exchange scam) of the money stolen from you, they do not owe you anything else. You have an NDA agreement and we owe you 1000 USDT - we don't know anything, we don't remember any lawyers and we don't talk about it at all.


In general, the NDA Agreement signed by Binance's employees was not interested in the fact that it was signed and is supposedly a document. This is not surprising, because the NDA Agreement itself is highly suspicious, if not to mention unprofessional and it is not known what legal effect it has. An overview of suspicious aspects of the NDA Agreement can be viewed item by item:

- It is surprising how the international exchange Binance (supposedly the number 1 in the world) hires Ukrainian lawyers to settle a conflict with traders in the framework of the chaos with financial tokens BULL/BEAR (frank financial and exchange scam). The International Exchange, where traders from all over the world were deceived - Spain, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Romania, China - hires Ukrainian (Kiev) lawyers to solve problems. A country that does not get out of international scandals, apparently, only there are guys who do not care about their reputation for the signing of such "Agreements" - Party 1 requisites are prescribed extremely "greedy", LLC “Juscutum Consulting” - this is excellent, but where the registration numbers of this organization.

- “Represented by Rybachok Anatoly” - on what basis does Anatoly have the right to sign this "document", does he even have the right to sign such documents, on the basis of the Charter, on the basis of Power of Attorney? Maybe he is the owner or director of “Juscutum-Consulting” LLC, there is no information, or rather there is information that he is not the owner and director with the right to sign. Where is Anatoly's personal data (series and number of his passport, when issued, address of his residence permit).

- "In the interests of the Binance Crypt Currency Exchange" - why the company isn't listed, the registration number, and the jurisdiction where the company is registered? "Binance Crypt Exchange" is not a legal name for a company, let alone a legal document. Why does this Binance Exchange hide its registration details, not to mention its registered office, registered address and actual address?

- On what grounds does “Juscutum Consulting” LLC represent the interests of Binance's "crypt-currency exchange" - the number of the agreement, the existence of the agreement itself, other grounds, there is no data either, absolutely and nothing that is unacceptable for a legal document, moreover, where financial issues are considered.

- I would like to note that neither Binance, nor Anatoli Rybachok, nor “Juscutum Consulting” LLC have provided any documents certifying their rights or at least certifying their attitude to the said firms and the person. Also, the identity of the lawyer Anatoly Rybachko himself and his rights concerning the signature on this Agreement, or the right of signature on behalf of “Juscutum Consulting” LLC, have not been verified.

- Please note that neither Binance, nor Anatoly Rybachok, nor Juscutum Consulting LLC have provided any documents, but Party 2, there is a signatory of this Agreement NDA (a trader who was scamulently deprived of his money) is obliged not only to provide all their data (name, patronymic, name, number and series of passports, date of birth, registration), but is also obliged by clause 4. 7 submit document scans for inspection not only to Binance Exchange, but also to the lawyers of “Juscutum Consulting” LLC (Kiev, Ukraine).

- Please note that the NDA Agreement is signed remotely, in electronic format, without the seal of “Juscutum Consulting” LLC, but with a simple signature of Anatoly Rybachko.

- Paragraphe 3.2. mentions the bank details of the Party that violates the agreement and its obligations to pay "compensation in the amount of ten times" to these details within 5 days, the NDA Agreement itself does not specify the details, including the bank details of the Parties, I would like to see the bank details of "crypt currency exchange № 1 Binance.

Interesting points in the NDA agreement:
Paragraph 1.1: Under this Agreement, the parties trust each other with the confidential information necessary for the performance of their duties and undertake to keep the confidential information provided and to use it only in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.

- As we have found out above, Party 1 (Anatoly Rybachok, LLC "Juscutum-Consulting") has not provided any confidential data (information) absolutely, even the documents necessary to confirm the rights under the Agreement have not been provided.

Paragraphe 1.2.2: Information constituting the Confidential Information (including but not limited to): The existence of this Agreement, its terms and conditions;

- The fact itself of the existence of the Agreement is already confidential information that Gleb Kostarev, by the way, violated by his comment in the journal, apparently the Agreement, such and the execution of its provisions and composition.

3.1.2 To pay a fine to the Party in the amount of tenfold of the compensation according to the paragraph 1.2.2 of this Agreement.
3.2 The Infringing Party shall carry out the activities specified in the paragraph 3.1. of the Agreement. The Agreement shall act in the aggregate by transferring the amount to be paid for each item to the bank account of the Party within 5 days from the moment of discovery of such disclosure by the other Party and sending the appropriate notice with the amount of payments.

- Failure to comply with the NDA Agreement is fully equivalent to a violation, and is absolutely not against a tenfold refund. Not on Binance's secret exchange account, but on bank details.

4.1 This Agreement should be deemed to have been concluded from the date of its signing and shall remain in force until its termination or expiration date.
4.2. This Agreement shouldn’t not be unilaterally terminated.

- From the moment the NDA Agreement is signed, it is considered concluded. it cannot be unilaterally cancelled or not executed. But as practice has shown, the Agreement of Ukrainian "lawyers", it is quite possible not to notice underground exchange Binance and not to execute as a consequence, as if this Agreement does not exist.

4.4 This Agreement, the rights and obligations of the parties to the Agreement should be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore, without regard to conflict of laws rules. (And paragraph 4.5).

- The NDA is composed by Ukrainian lawyers (or download it from the Internet and supplement it), no one has even prescribed banal details of the parties, but traders should challenge the Agreement not in Kiev but in Singapore. A great turn of events, everything as the exchange number 1 Binance likes.

4.6 Party 2 undertakes and agrees not to bring group and/or individual lawsuits, and not to put Party 1 at risk with respect to transactions and trading in FTX tokens before the date of this Agreement.

- For the sake of this paragraph, in principle the NDA agreement was invented. To return some of his own money to the deceived trader and oblige him not to open his mouth, neither in public nor in the media, nor in the court. You got back 30-80% of what was stolen from you - say thank you and don't be smart. Or be smart, and we'll be happy to hear from you in... ...Singapore.

Conclusion after this whole situation:

The Binance exchange (if it is possible to call this organization a crypto exchange) slipped all its users a poor quality financial instrument that absolutely did not meet the stated characteristics. When there was a noise on this issue, the instrument was delisted under a noble and fictitious pretext. All those who suffered from the actions of Binance (and here the full blame of the exchange) tried alone until they realized that they are not alone and their beautiful and brazenly deceived. There were attempts to obtain compensation, it is difficult to do this with an organization that hides its location (legal and factual), the organization which has not even learned to read and respond to ticket messages on the merits.

The number of those deceived was and is huge, and even more people do not even know what they were deceived and believe that "trading in high-risk assets is their fault", not the fault of Binance Exchange, which manipulates courses and can not provide a full service, is unregulated by law and financial institutions, and does everything on its web site literally everything they want, having arranged instead of the crypt currency exchange - a real underground casino. To somehow extinguish the flames of whining traders, began to allocate compensation to someone and 100 USDT will get and calm down, and who lost 100.000 USDT, well, you need the money Binance more than traders.

After the first deception, the activity of deleting information and cleaning up the traces of their criminal activity began (and, at least, financial and stock scam), deleting descriptions, deleting posts in social media, writing and publishing new descriptions of tokens work. They sent and found Ukrainian lawyers, because the international exchange only in Ukraine found "lawyers" who do not care about the reputation, and someone even managed to give out the NDA agreements and even give out money. Not everybody got the money, not everybody got the NDA Agreement, not everybody who got the NDA Agreement, after signing got the money (like me).

Then, the lawyers were fired, as there is no point in playing the legal exchange, it is better to sit in the "deaf defense", to tell about the "Exchange № 1in the World" spit all the laws and laws of countries, to engage in illegal activities and send traders to study the rules of the offshore exchange, the rules - which the exchange itself does not comply, and rob those investors who have not yet understood what "fairy tale" they got and how to play in the casino with stolen cards. That is, to continue telling traders about "high trading risks" and not to promise compensation, but to give out T-shirts or VIP statuses, or maximum 10-20% of the money that the exchange has stolen from traders.

And what can traders do? The exchange has no legal addresses, there are no actual addresses, the exchange offices are not needed in the 21st century (as a representative of CHANHPENH ZHAO said Canadian citizen). That's how Binance operates outside the legal framework on the Internet, stupid people fly to the light like moths, smart people are waiting for one thing, when Binance repeats the fate of such criminal organizations as WEX, BTC-e, Mt.Gox. And CHANHPENH ZHAO and its "representatives" will be like Alexander Vinnik caught somewhere in Greece and extradited to the U.S., where they will prove that there were no manipulations, they are cryptoanarchists, for cryptomir, they do not need dollars and they dream about building Citadels.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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