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Binance's illegal banking and forex activities

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Banking and Brokerage Illegal Binance Services

Binance casino is like forgetting about the reality that surrounds our world before dying. Previously, Binance casinos accepted only cryptocurrency and, in their opinion, this protected them from obtaining licenses in the countries where they operate - this is not even a mistake of the legal department, but a targeted financial fraud.

After that, Binance began to accept fiat currencies (we recommend reading the article - Illegal financial transactions of Binance with fiat money) - but they did not receive licenses, permits in the countries where they work, and they do not receive any further - ignoring the legislation of certain countries

For this, they regularly receive instructions from regulators that Biannce is actively illegal, as it was in Japan, China, again in Japan and Hong Kong, Malta, Malaysia, Brazil. In Liechtenstein, the regulator banned a large financial transaction for Binance, in the USA - Coinbase refused to be in the Association of American Crypto Companies together with Binance.US, in the USA Binance generally plays an extremely dangerous game deceiving legislation and regulators - Forbes: Binance makes money on US investors by deceiving regulators (Operation Tai Chi), doing nothing but "trickery and show". Sometimes, Changpeng Zhao does something else - hiding behind connections in the Chinese government and tales of competitors.

Binance's Illegal Banking: Deposits

But a long time ago, Binance really crossed all the admissible borders - engaged in illegal banking activity, and what - there is nothing to lose, from the word at all, but if you go into the sunset, you need to go beautifully with the maximum amount of money, a kind of Mt.Gox 2.0.

Binance launched (a long time ago) "a great investment opportunity", available in the section Binance Earn, which directly offers illegal banking, namely deposits for the public under a certain term, at a certain interest (%), all the attributes of banking:


Complete banking products with the same wording, viz:

- Deposits with floating rate
- How percent is calculated
- Lifetime savings chart
- Estimated profitability and dynamics for yesterday
- Floating income per thousand tokens
- View all 56 floating rate deposits
- Fixed rate deposits
- Deposits with floating rate
- Promotions for deposits
- % annual
- Term (days)
- Interest accrual

You can perfectly invest dollars USD or Russian ruble at a certain percentage on Binance. For example, for USDT (secured by USD) you are promised 6.31% per annum, for deposits the Russian ruble is also available - 4.29%.


For the Russian audience, the illegal banking, namely deposits of the Russian ruble up to 4.5% per annum, is advertised all over the place:


Binance even asks - "How much does your bank pay you?", apparently, "Binance Bank" is ready to pay more - for deposits in U.S. dollars (than in its own, is equal to USDT token). This is such banking activity in Russia, Ukraine, EU countries and Asia:


Illegal Banking Binance: Collateralized Loans

And there is such a direction in our "Binance bank" - why not. Secured loans or crypto loans - Get a loan secured by crypto assets. Guaranteed approval (no business license, plain and simple). Literally states who makes the loans:

Borrower gets a loan from Binance.


If you still have questions about Binance's illegal banking activities regarding loans, there are sections for you:
- Loan Details
- Binance Lending - User Guide

Binance's Illegal Forex Activities

And it is in the Binance casino - all the mortal sins (financial) Binance collects - the question why, in principle, is clear and logical. You can perfectly trade on Forex Binance in the pair USDT/RUB (Russian ruble) or USDT/UAH (hryvnia)the possibility of there are other trading pairs to the real currencies of those or other countries. License for Forex activity? The same where there is no license for all financial services of Binance:

What to do? 

To all financial frauds, add more financial crimes (criminal), describe them and send them to the appropriate regulators around the world - in Russia, Ukraine, Asia, the United States and the European Union, not forgetting international organizations like FATF - I think the regulators should assess the "banking activities and forex activities" of the organizers of Binance casino.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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