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For Investigations and Inquiries: Data on Changpeng Zhao, Binance in Switzerland, Guangying Chen and Pascal Schmid

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The material is taken from the Twitter-channel, further we will investigate and supplement the information - as the names of firms, names of participants - give a lot to analyze the Internet space. So, let's go:

It follows from this information that Binance Casino had a company called Binance AG in Switzerland. In the article How Binance exchange hides its legal structure from regulators and users - this legal entity is mentioned. The company is registered on 12.07.2018 and has a setting fund of 100.000 Swiss francs, as of February 6, 2021 - the company is active (not closed). Binance AG has registration number CH-

In the company officially appeared Zhao, Changpeng from Sliema (Malta), a Canadian citizen. who still has the right to sign:


He was also president (Changpeng Zhao) of Sigma Chain AG (registration number CH-, with the same Canadian citizen from Sliema, Malta, and Chinese citizen from Shanghai, Guangying Chen. When CZ left this company in 2019, his place was taken by the same individuals - Pascal Schmid and Guangying Chen.

It is important to note that the person Guangying Chen is quite interesting, he is the owner of Czech Republic Network Technology Co., Ltd (Hong Kong) - which is under investigation in China for conducting illegal securities offerings. It is worth noting that it was in 2018 - Binance Casino escaped from Hong Kong.

Pascal Schmid

Basically, the extract on legal companies gives a great insight - what kind of person this is in principle. Besides Sigma Chain AG, he is related to the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) - which was perfectly pamped (price manipulated) on Binance (and is now in the top 6 on Coinmarketcap), Socios Technologies AG, Cominellinvest Holding AG, Roraima Ventures SA, Footcoin AG, IOV Stiftung, Partisia Blockchain Stiftung, Cardano AG, RightMesh AG, Bittrex Global (Switzerland) AG, Onee Hospitality Partners AG, CARDANO Stiftung and many other companies (about 36 companies).

Guangying Chen

In principle, the extract on legal companies data not much - except for what is known before - a Chinese citizen, from the city of Shanghai. In Switzerland he is related only to Sigma Chain AG, in Hong Kong - as previously written to Czech Republic Network Technology Co., Ltd (under investigation by the Chinese authorities). The information on Guangying Chen is in a separate article, we advise you to read - Data for investigation and Inquiries: Guangying Chen, Binance, Bijie Tech.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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