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In this article, we focus on Guangying Chen in connection with the launch of Binance casino, and the company Bijie Tech (where the legend comes from the beloved Guangying Chen and the whole team). Sadly, the history of the creation of Binance is covered with lies, as well as the history of its alleged creator Changpeng Zhao, much is forgotten, if you pull up the biography of Changpeng Zhao on the Internet connection will be obvious.

Soon after founder Ben Reeves left, Changpeng Zhao left to join OKCoin, but its policies and values did not meet his own vision of an ideal crypto exchange. Soon Changpeng Zhao created his own firm, BijieTech, which provided cloud-based digital currency exchange networks for operators in Shanghai. But he always wanted to work specifically with cryptocurrency and, in 2014, he sold his own house in Shanghai and invested all of his capital in Bitcoin. There wasn't much time left before the launch of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Including the Binance whitepaper:

Binance Coin Whitepaper by on Scribd

CZ is the founder and CEO of Bijie Tech, a company thatprovides cloud-based exchange systems to exchangeoperators. Since founding in Sept 2015, BijieTech now powers30+ exchanges in Asia. In the first 12 months since founding,BijieTech closed 36.1 million RMB ($5.3MM USD) in revenue,and will double that in its second year. BijieTech has neveraccepted any outside investments, being cash flow positivefrom day one.

On, cpzhao's profile still contains and


A Web Archive analysis of shows versions of the site from 2017. The site itself is long gone, only the account remains - allegedly from 2015 (the year it was founded):


Interestingly, the Binance team, almost all come from Bijie Tech:


Shanghai Know-Name: The Progenitor of Binance - Bijie Tech

Interesting information about the progenitor of Binance - Bijie Tech or Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai Daqing Networking Technology Co., Ltd.) registration number 310230000837235:

On the Binance whitelist, the guys would later say that the BijieTech office has made about 20 cloud trading platforms. "Cloudy" is not from the phrase cloud storage, but apparently from to be in the clouds. But first things first.

Website domain paid for by HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd. payment passed on 10/28/2015
The website says that the guys developed the trading platforms. All of them are Chinese. True, there are not 20, as Zhao and company will later say in Binance's whitelist, but 9. The description of these 9 platforms (a bad translation from English):
  1. Shanghai is above the public - the website is down, the trading floor - is dead. Domain has been paid for until October 28, 2020 by HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd., payment passed on 10/28/2015.
  2. Supreme Future - the website is open, but it has maintenance work. The trading floor  - is dead. Domain has been paid for until July 4, 2020 by eName Technology Co.,Ltd.
  3. Gold - only gold! - the website is working, but the trading floor - is dead. Domain has been paid for until November 9, 2018 by Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co.
  4. Ceramics above! - the website is down, the trading floor - is dead. The domain has been paid for until October 30, 2020 by Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. (网), payment passed on October 30, 2015.
  5. Higher Sandy Dune - the website is down, the trading floor - is dead. The domain is paid for until April 14, 2020 by HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd.
  6. "China Trading Network" - the website working, there is no trading floor on the website - the website is about registration of trademarks, it does not need a trading floor at all. Domain paid for until March 15, 2019 by HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd.
  7. Star Medal - the website is down, the trading floor - is dead. Domain paid for until September 28, 2018 by HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd.
  8. Shen Jiang - the website is down; the trading floor - is dead. Domain paid for until December 15, 2018 by Xin Net Technology Corporation.
  9. The Supreme Anchor - the website is down, where is the trading floor on it - unknown, in other words there is none. The domain is paid for until September 18, 2018 by Shanghai Meicheng Technology Information Development Co.
BijieTeck's trading platforms worked and worked, and then one day they all closed. All at once. And literally just before Binance casino appeared. It's funny but, the domain and " Shanghai is above the public " - were registered by the same company on the same day - October 28, 2015.

And also, the BijieTech office has developed an update - SUMo (Software Update Monitor), and an ancient beta version of the Binance v.

The legal entity BijieTech (according to this resource) is registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the People's Republic of China under number 310230000837235. The full name of the company is Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai Daqing Networking Technology Co., Ltd.).

What conclude:
  1. In an interview with Forbes, Mr. Zhao missed 2 years of work at Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co.
  2. Binance's Whitelist repeatedly mentions BijieTech. All of Binance's top management worked at BijieTech (Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd.).
  3. The ICO "Binance" says that BijieTech launched 20 trading platforms, in the portfolio of the office not 20 trading platforms, but 9.
  4. All of BijieTech's trading platforms and website are dead.
  5. There is very little information about BijieTech on the web.

Whois for domains "" and "

The Whois history of domains "" and "" also provides information for thought (anyone interested can apply and we will provide full extracts, we publish the most interesting in our opinion):

Registrant Name: Chen Guang Ying
Registrant City: Shang Hai Shi
Registrant Postal Code: 201206
Registrant Fax: +86.02154252825
Registrant Email: [email protected]

Registrant Name: guangyin chen
Registrant City: Shanghai
Registrant Phone: +86.13761038500
Admin Organization: Shanghai Bijie Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd.
Registrant Email: [email protected] (changes before the exchange escaped from Japan):

Registrant Name: changpeng zhao
Registrant Organization: BitDJ (do)
Registrant Street: 1-13-4.Higashiyama,Meguro-ku,Tokyo
Registrant City: Tokyo
Registrant State/Province: Japan
Registrant Postal Code: 1530043
Registrant Phone: +81.8081661804
Registrant Email: [email protected]


It is a pity that Mr. Guangying Chen is not listed on the Binance team (the team is listed above in the whitepaper), although not only were and domains registered to him (now, the owner's details are hidden), but also, for example, companies in Switzerland and Hong Kong (under investigation by Chinese authorities).

In an article of 2018, when the Chinese police visited Binance's office and Changpeng Zhao made excuses that they have no offices in China, and generally do not operate in China and are leaving it, the same Guangying Chen (as the CEO of Binance) pops up:

According to the filing, the company’s Executive Director is Chen Guangying, CTO is Wang Lilai.


Email [email protected] – is found in the Yandex and Google search machine with a link to Binance. The email [email protected] is also present, for example, some domains have registration to this email: - 2016-09-17 - - 2015-10-28 - - 2017-11-24-


A Black Spot in the Biography of Changpeng Zhao

The email [email protected] appears in the registration of a company in China (as early as 2012 - the earliest you can find in this whole story) - Shanghai Xuanteng Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd (registration number 310115002013374). The most interesting thing is that the email address belongs to Guangying Chen, but the director of this company (don't forget 2012 year) is Changpeng Zhao (listed in the statement as ZHAOCHANGPENG), the CEO. Because he has Canadian citizenship - his details are in English, while the details of other individuals are listed in Chinese. Changpeng Zhao Chinese statement may shed some light on other interesting points:


An interesting fact, when analyzing data on Guangying Chen we get a photo - we do not judge whether this information is reliable or not, but what is it - Guangying Chen female? It seems that Guangying Chen has a male data, I hope the readers can correct us if we are wrong about something:


It is worth to add: The legal entity BijieTech (according to this resource) is registered with the CCI of the People's Republic of China under the number 310230000837235. The full name of Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai Daqing Networking Technology Co., Ltd.) has a Chairman, an Executive Director and a Shareholder of 93% (almost, majority owner and shareholder) - the same he (or she) - Guangying Chen:


Conclusions? Everyone will do them for themselves - we only find information, systematize it and send it to regulators and law enforcement agencies. But the interesting question is who really owns Binance and not that clown who jumps around and talks about "merits".шаблоны для dle 11.2

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