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Binance Broker Program: How Binance serves U.S. citizens through Cryptorg

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- Cryptorg OÜ (14720778) Tallinn, Estonia is also under liquidation

Since the beginning of 2021, ScamBinance has been sending out complaints not only to Binance's "financial partners" but also to regulators around the world, including the US. The results of this activity are gradually appearing and this is just the beginning - the CFTC has opened an investigation against Binance because of the possible sale of derivatives to Americans. We have been writing about these violations for a long time and there is a lot of information in the international press, for example, Forbes: Binance is making money on U.S. investors cheating the regulators (Operation Tai Chi). But we have long known something that others do not know, we have passed this information to the regulators, including the CFTCs.

Binance bypasses the ban in the U.S. and demonstrably blocks users from the U.S. - this circus is only for the public, in fact, the residents and citizens of the United States use Binance very easily. Binance has a great Binance Broker program:


According to them, Binance has a large number of partners (more than 570) and the entire list of partners is not published, this is commercial and private information. On January 14, 2021, an article appeared on the official Binance website - Binance Broker: How Entrepreneurs Use Binance to Develop Their Own Platforms, which mentions a number of partners:

One of the partners, Cryptorg exchange (official website -, has English in his functionality, which is registered in Estonia (Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Majaka tn 26, 11412), operates under the legal entity Cryptorg OÜ (registration number 14720778), although the owners live in Russia and do business from Russia. The statement of the legal entity Cryptorg OÜ (registration number 14720778) gives the following picture:


The owner is Andrey Podolyan, a citizen of the Russian Federation, date of birth - 06.07.1983, e-mail [email protected]. The activity of the legal entity - Computer programming (!), let's close our eyes to the fact that exchange trading does not refer to computer programming. The Cryptorg exchange is a partner of Binance, as it was confirmed by the owner himself - Andrey Podolyan in his Facebooke:

Binance today has written about our company Cryptorg in its blog Binance Broker: How Entrepreneurs Use Binance to Develop Their Own Platforms on the official website.

Cryptorg is an independent exchange and has been interacting with Binance as part of a brokerage program since last March. We really work 7 days a week and we are honored to be listed on Binance - only few companies from CIS countries have ever done that. This is a great honor and a great responsibility. There were those who did not believe that we work with Binance, now everything is in its place.

You can trade on our exchange with Binance liquidity and all trading pairs are identical to Binance. You can trade SPOT and futures markets. There are liquidity pools for passive income. There is an opportunity to earn our CTG token through unique trade-to-mine technology. You can trade for Belarusians. You can use our trading bots for free.


Not a big deal, you'd think. But it is. Cryptorg is a separate legal entity in Tallinn, Cryptorg OÜ, but it has no money of its own. It is the participant of Binance Broker program - just as a "spacer" between the user and directly to exchange Binance, all liquidity is from Binance (that the owner confirms), the citizens not only of Belarus, but also the USA - perfectly trade on exchange Binance, using for that "spacer" represented by Cryptorg OÜ. Yes - it is a big responsibility and now, really - everything is in its place.

The exchange allows citizens of any country - North Korea, USA, Iran, Iraq, Bahamas, Barbados, Ghana, Iceland, Mongolia, Pakistan, Syria and all others, in other words, countries from "high risk" jurisdictions are served without problems, and all requests via API come directly to "by the program" for the view and circumvention of bans and FATF recommendations.

In Cryptorg user agreement there is not a single word about prohibition of any countries/jurisdictions (as of March 12, 2021, a copy of the user agreement has been saved).

When, Andrey Podolyan meets with the Head of Binance for CIS in Moscow - Gleb Kostarev and discusses the cooperation between Binance and Cryptorg productively, believe me, they have a lot to discuss, within the limits of violation of legislation not only of the Russian Federation, Estonia, but also the USA:


On forum very interesting questions were raised, which Cryptorg representative did not wish to answer, for example here or here:

May I ask an immodest question? Just wondering, what kind of legal right do you have to officially state that you are official Binance brokers and can accept even users from the countries that Binance has no right to register from?


The owners of Cryptorg are well aware of their role in committing a crime, together with created a "legal pad" under the guise of "Affiliate Program" serving residents of "high risk" jurisdictions, including residents of the USA despite the official ban.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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