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Who owns Binance Casino: Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) or Changpeng Zhao?

After the investigation How Binance exchange hides its legal structure from regulators and users and all financial crimes, it became clear that Binance casino is far from "white and fluffy" business, it is a criminal structure, was created as a criminal structure, acts as a fraudulent criminal structure and of course, I wonder who the real owner of this "crypto pyramid" with its "security BNB" and centralized blockchain clone BSC (fork Ethereum).

Taking into account all the crimes, which Binance commits (and project is devoted to this), it is clear - that the real owner will not be public, he does not need it for obvious and understandable reasons. But of course, traces in one way or another remain, and we were able to find some such traces (as we think, maybe we are mistaken, but in any case - the material will be useful in its time, including law enforcement agencies in the USA, China, Liechtenstein (already studying materials) and other countries). After all, the pyramid, with inflated in hundreds and thousands (and maybe tens of thousands) of times volumes - sooner or later, will attract attention by its actions (or we will help and show regulators where to look and what to investigate).

Useful articles for identifying the owner (recommended for study):
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- For investigation and inquiries: Guangying Chen, Binance, Bijie Tech and Changpeng Zhao
- For Investigations and Inquiries: background on Changpeng Zhao, Binance in Switzerland, Guangying Chen, and Pascal Schmid
- For Investigation and inquiries: Guangying Chen (Heina Chen), BitDJ (do) and Binance Domain Analysis
- For investigations and inquiries: Malta, Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) and Alexandre Dreyfus

We know a lot about Changpeng Zhao (CZ), there is a lot of information on the web, not all of it true and correct, but better than nothing. Changpeng Zhao appeared in the crypto world as CEO of Bijie Tech, co-owner of Binance and ICO BNB token, who forgot, we remind:

Binance Coin Whitepaper by on Scribd
It later turned out that almost all members of the Binance team were also from Bijie Tech. Binance's progenitor is Bijie Tech or Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai Daqing Networking Technology Co., Ltd.) registration number 310230000837235 and their "activity" upon check turned out to be fictitious - they did not create any of the claimed projects, all the projects they claimed were "dead" (trading floors, website). Bijie Tech is a "shell company".

Bijie Tech has been registered since 2015, featuring our favorite Canadian citizen Changpeng Zhao and everyone's favorite Guangying Chen (Heina Chen). The full name of Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai Daqing Networking Technology Co., Ltd.) has a Chairman, Executive Director and 93% (almost, majority owner and shareholder) shareholder - the same (or the same) Guangying Chen:


We emphasize that the company that owned at the time of the launch of Binance (and the BNB token), provided and we are sure (provides further) employees for Binance Bijie Tech or Shanghai Bijie Networking Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai Daqing Networking Technology Co., Ltd) registration number 310230000837235 was not 93% owned by Changpeng Zhao (CZ), but by Ms. Guangying Chen (Heina Chen). She is the owner of Bijie Tech, and as a consequence of Binance casino in general. A lot of data in the material For Investigations and inquiries: Guangying Chen, Binance, Bijie Tech and Changpeng Zhao. A legal fact that for some reason was hidden and concealed at the time of the launch of the Binance exchange and ICO securities BNB. What is interesting, the Binance whitepaper lists many employees, but ... Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) you will not see there.

Binance domain

We already did a Whois analysis of the domains "" and "" here, a reminder:
Registrant Name: Chen Guang Ying
Registrant City: Shang Hai Shi
Registrant Postal Code: 201206
Registrant Fax: +86.02154252825
Registrant Email: [email protected]

Registrant Name: guangyin chen
Registrant City: Shanghai
Registrant Phone: +86.13761038500
Admin Organization: Shanghai Bijie Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd.
Registrant Email: [email protected] (changes before the exchange fled Japan):

Registrant Name: changpeng zhao
Registrant Organization: BitDJ (do)
Registrant Street: 1-13-4.Higashiyama,Meguro-ku,Tokyo
Registrant City: Tokyo
Registrant State/Province: Japan
Registrant Postal Code: 1530043
Registrant Phone: +81.8081661804
Registrant Email: [email protected]

Curiously enough, changpeng zhao is entered, and the email is female. We link this domain directly to Guangying Chen. Analysis of input data, namely [email protected] shows that this emailil registered domains and linked to the legal entity Binance Holdings Limited:

Let's highlight the email [email protected], the domain is registered to it - the email on Binance is similar to [email protected] - heina honey, heina.

- (as found out)

A number of personal emails that we managed to find - [email protected], [email protected], you can chat with cute Heina Chen.

The amazing thing is that Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) controlled the domains "" and "" until this information was public, after that all the information was hidden and cleaned up in the Internet space. The emails [email protected] [email protected] - refer directly to Guangying Chen (Heina Chen), not to CZ. We published a large article on Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) and Changpeng Zhao domains (their connection) here.


The Chinese authorities back in 2017 (and later in 2018) made it clear who is behind the Binance exchange - who the owner is. In the material Archive 2017: Chinese regulator about 60 ICOs: Investigation on illegal placement and sale of Binance securities:

Binance (management company Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Binance owner Guangying Chen were investigated by the Chinese regulator in 2017 on charges of selling unregistered securities on its exchange.


Number 14 in the table is our Binance casino owner Guangying Chen (Heina Chen).

In a 2018 article, when the Chinese police visited Binance's office and Changpeng Zhao made excuses that they have no offices in China and generally do not operate in China and are leaving it, the same Guangying Chen (as CEO of Binance) pops up:

According to the filing, the company’s Executive Director is Chen Guangying, CTO is Wang Lilai.


2012 year

Email [email protected] comes up in the registration of a company in China (as early as 2012 - the earliest you can find in this whole story) - Shanghai Xuanteng Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd (registration number 310115002013374). The most interesting thing is that the email address belongs to Guangying Chen, but the director of this company (don't forget - 2012) is Changpeng Zhao (listed in the statement as ZHAOCHANGPENG), the CEO. Because he has Canadian citizenship - his details are in English, while the details of other individuals are listed in Chinese. Changpeng Zhao China statement can shed light on other interesting things:


That is, Changpeng Zhao has known and worked for Ms. Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) since at least 2012 as a director, not a shareholder or owner of companies (several of them).

Hong Kong

Czech Republic Network Technology Co., Ltd (Hong Kong) - which is under investigation in China for conducting illegal securities offerings, also has an owner - Guangying Chen (Heina Chen). It is worth noting that it was in 2018 - Binance casino escaped from Hong Kong. Again the legal connection with a company from Switzerland - Sigma Chain AG. BINANCE ASIA SERVICES PTE. LTD - Singapore.

Guangying Chen (Heina Chen)

We now know that Guangying Chen (aka Heina Chen) is a woman. Before that there was no information. There are also traces in social networks - when we analyze the data about Guangying Chen we get a photo - we don't judge if it is authentic or not, but what is it - is Guangying Chen a woman? It seems that Guangying Chen is male data, I hope - readers can correct us if we are wrong about something:


Twitter profile abandoned in summer 2019 and created in 2018 - @heina41897034, she has "Heina Chen" and "Co-Founder @Binance" data on her profile. All posts are purely about Binance, nothing personal or interesting. The list of friends, everything is as it should be Alexandre Dreyfus, owner of FTX exchange-casino, is a separate friend (they all know each other and work together very well).


It is interesting that after our publication For Investigation and inquires: Guangying Chen (Heina Chen), BitDJ (do) and analysis of Binance domains on February 7, 2021, Twitter @heina41897034 was deleted and information in it was cleaned up, now it looks like this:


And on March 30, 2021, Changpeng Zhao posted the following:

I don't do this often, but @ChenHeina is a scammer account. This one somehow managed to get a few legit people to follow it, including several people I follow. Please ask anyone you know to unfollow AND REPORT IT. Let's shut it down. Many thanks! Stay SAFU


The @ChenHeina account definitely doesn't belong to Guangying Chen (Heina Chen), her account was (and was deleted recently) @heina41897034. Most likely the fake account was set up by scammers, but that's not what's important. What's important is how quickly Changpeng Zhao reacted, wrote about it, paid attention to it, and made an effort to have the fake account removed. And we think at that moment the real (but abandoned) Twitter account @heina41897034 was also deleted - to hide all facts of Guangying Chen's (Heina Chen) existence as the real owner of Binance casino.

In the material For Investigations and inquiries: Malta, Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) and Alexandre Dreyfus - data from Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) at Binance Europe Services Limited in Malta comes to light:

GUANGYING CHEN Passport: G44530487

And data from Changpeng Zhao (CZ):

CHANGPENG ZHAO Passport: HG163034

Photos of Guangying Chen (Heina Chen)

There really are not many of them, if anyone has any, we will be glad to receive them. What we found:

And one of the photos, at one time a joke, where CZ (Changpeng Zhao) stands in shorts ... society paid attention to the shorts, but the important thing was very near, namely the woman - who stands in front of Changpeng Zhao in the photo:


We're pretty sure that in this photo Changpeng Zhao is standing to the right hand of Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) at a state reception and a little further away (all in the best Chinese tradition and business etiquette). But the photo shows the real owner and beneficiary of Binance Casino - Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) and the "public face of Binance" on the right side behind him - Changpeng Zhao.

Rhetorical question

Why, the real owner and beneficiary of Binance Guangying Chen (Heina Chen) is hidden and deleted information. And Changpeng Zhao is being promoted so well. Who will be held responsible in case of this or that Binance force majeure? Is not an offshore company in the Cayman Islands Binance Holdings Limited along with Canadian citizen Changpeng Zhao? Time will tell.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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