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Service Denial: Adding QIWI and removing QIWI from Binance

QIWI payment service is experiencing serious difficulties and problems now due to its cooperation with dubious clients, including online casinos in Russia. In the West (and QIWI shares are listed on the U.S. stock exchange), QIWI has huge risks. At the end of November, there was news that Binance had added support for Qiwi to enter the Russian ruble:


At the moment - QIWi is not presented on Binance in any of the sections: neither in the input of fiat funds, nor in the withdrawal of fiat funds, nor in the purchase of cryptocurrency for QIWI. Moreover, the material itself about the addition of QIWI was removed retroactively from the Binance news section:


The company QIWI refused to cooperate with Binance for obvious and objective reasons. Other "intermediaries", the list of which we published in the article Illegal financial transactions of Binance with fiat money, should do the same refusal of service. "Intermediary partners" only need to be reminded of their duties and rights regulated by the financial laws - complaints and notifications to "intermediary services" and "partner services" themselves will help to clarify the situation on cooperation with the underground and illegal Binance exchange, complaints and notifications to regulators - will help to clarify the situation faster and make the right choice - complete refusal from cooperation.

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