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Denial of service: In Ukraine, monobank will stop SEPA-transfers from Binance casino

As we wrote earlier, namely Denial of Service: Adding QIWI and removing QIWI from Binance and Denial of Service: Removing acceptance of fiat funds on Binance in Nigeria complaints work fine. Yes - this process is not fast, you need to complain to the organization itself (financial institution), they think, consider, analyze - give an answer, usually the answer is negative (first), you need to make your point and complain already to the financial regulator (under whose control the financial company works) - but there is an effect of this.

We continue our activity and new news is already pleasing to the eye, this time from Ukraine (which is doubly surprising). Ukrainian Internet bank monobank reported that since February 24 it will stop conducting SEPA-transfers from cryptocurrency exchange Binance:

The reason for such a decision was given by foreign intermediary banks - monobank said that they prohibit to carry out transfers related to Binance. For one simple reason, Binance does not have the right to provide financial services, banking services or forex (brokerage) services, does not have a license for these types of services. What is important, in no country in the world Binance has no right to operate and provide services to the public in the framework in which it operates and provides at the moment. Binance is an illegal, unlawful and criminal shady business, nothing more. And if you dig the story with unregistered securities - but we think it is the financial regulators of Russia, Ukraine, USA, China, Japan and other countries who should dig, and we will only help with the information.

Earlier it was reported that the internal rules of monobank said that the bank can not conduct SWIFT-payments, if "there is suspicion that they are associated with activities prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine”. To such the bank attributed bitcoin exchanges and electronic currencies..

The conclusion is simple enough Binance in Ukraine (as well as in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Malta, Brazil, and so on) is working illegally and unlawfully. The public does not know, but in Liechtenstein, where Binance and Changpeng Zhao got their hands, there are legal cases (suits), and quite serious ones, about which we will write later. But the story in Liechtenstein is worthy of a detective thriller in its epic scope.

Continuing the tasks and plans of, in the material Illegal financial transactions Binance with fiat money a large number of financial intermediaries, which simply must not only know what is Binance, but also to stop all financial relations with the criminal business Binance. In parallel, we need to send complaints to law enforcement and financial markets regulators around the world and internationalшаблоны для dle 11.2

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