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Denial of service: Silvergate Bank stopped cooperating with Binance casino

On February 23, 2021, we started sending out complaints to Binance's fiat partners - payment gateways, billings, merchants in the US, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia and other countries, which we wrote about in the article "A sign from hell: Binance is trying to shut down". Silvergate Bank was on the list, it also received a number of complaints about Binance activities and we are glad that our complaints are working and that the goals and objectives of are gradually being met.

Thank you, Silvergate Bank!

Silvergate Bank, one of the few financial institutions serving cryptocurrency firms, will stop processing dollar deposits and withdrawals for exchange giant Binance, people familiar with the situation confirmed. According to an email from Binance shared Thursday on Twitter and Reddit, starting Friday, USD deposits and withdrawals through Silvergate Bank, California, will cease.

USD deposits made to our Silvergate account after June 11, 2021 will be returned to your bank account within 21 business days. The amount refunded may be less due to internal bank fees.

"Be assured, we are making every effort to provide an alternative USD solution."

Representatives of Binance casino traditionally refused to comment on the termination of partnership with Silvergate Bank, they have nothing to say.

Let's not forget that Binance conducts illegal financial transactions with fiat money, including banking and brokerage illegal services Binance. In the US, Binance is under logical pressure as the Department of Justice and the IRS are investigating Binance and furthermore, the CFTC has launched an investigation into Binance for possible derivatives sales to Americans.

Denial of service for Binance casino previously imposed by QIWI, in Ukraine monobank will stop SEPA-transfers from Binance casino and stop receiving fiat funds on Binance in Nigeriaшаблоны для dle 11.2

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