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Binance banned the use of the Norwegian krone and Malaysian ringgit

Casino-exchange Binance officially banned users from using the Norwegian krone in transactions on its site. The restrictions apply to trading and deposit payments. The platform has also stopped supporting the Norwegian language for the platform and news. Just 2 weeks ago, Binance banned sers from using the Malaysian ringgit in transactions on its platform. Binance was banned in Malaysia - the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) announced enforcement action against Binance, moreover appointed Changpeng Zhao personally, not some offshore in the Cayman Islands, responsible for the implementation of all regulations.


As Binance continually evaluates its product and service offerings to ensure they comply with local regulations, we will cease the following products and offerings in Malaysia on 2021-08-16 at 04:00 GMT (12:00 GMT+8).

MYR trading pairs
MYR payment options
P2P Trading Apps

Binance P2P will remove MYR trading pairs on Friday, 2021-08-13 13:00 UTC (21:00 UTC+8). Users are advised to complete all related P2P transactions and remove related trade advertisements by 2021-08-13 12:00 p.m. UTC (20:00 UTC+8) to avoid potential trade disputes.

Please note that we also do not use any telegram or online communication channels in Malaysia.
Our goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem around blockchain technology and digital assets. Binance welcomes regulatory changes in our industry as they open up opportunities for market participants to work more closely with regulators. We are committed to working constructively to develop policies that benefit every user.

On the Norwegian krone, similar restrictions:


As a market leader, Binance continually evaluates its product and service offerings. We will immediately stop the following offerings in Norway.

NOK trading pairs
NOK payment options
Norwegian website support

Please also note that Binance does not support any official telegrams or other online communication channels in Norwegian.

Complaint results: Remaining financial partners of Binance (fiat deposits and withdrawals) - it is worth noting that somehow fiat deposits on Binance are getting smaller and smaller. Hope, regulators of different countries will close illegal casino Binance and take its twin casino FTX. It would be nice to bring order in crypto sphere, not to turn the sphere into a pit with scammers.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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