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Promises again: CZ announced plans to open Binance headquarters in France

The story with the regulation of Binance - a tale of 5 years long, as well as the story with the official location of the office or headquarters - during 5 years, Binance was unable to do anything in the legal plane, hiding from users and regulators - the official policy of the exchange-casino.

As part of the statement "Binance will abandon the 'decentralized' business model", CZ said its company expects to become a digital asset provider in France within 6-12 months and ... to open its headquarters there. In November 2021, Binance and France FinTech launched a €100 million initiative to support blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in France, reducing Ireland's chances as a headquarters registration country.

"France would be a natural choice for a regional and perhaps even a global headquarters," Zhao told Les Echoes.

Ireland, Singapore are out.

Recently, CZ promised to open its headquarters in Ireland and opened 5 legal entities there, apparently Singapore also has to ask Binance to open its headquarters on its territory, apparently Singapore is also out of the question? It happens, the same way headquarters in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malta and everywhere (!) where Binance promised to do it "disappeared".

"France is a natural choice for a regional and possibly global headquarters. We want regulation to accelerate growth. 5% of the world's population (400 million people) have already discovered cryptocurrencies. We need to convince the other 95%. To do that we need to create trust - having contacts with local governments and offices where customers can solve problems," CZ said.

CZ said that Binance welcomes regulation (funny statement considering that Binance has been running away from any regulation around the world for over 5 years and even ran away from the Cayman Islands) and 3,500 employees of the exchange 600 are responsible for the relationship with the authorities and compliance with legal standards. It's hard to believe CZ - when all 5 years it has been engaged in public lying and deception, and repeatedly this fact has been proven.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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