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CoinMarketCap Management Leaves Service After Being Sold to Binance

We continue the series of articles about CoinMarketCap. Previously we’ve published information on the topic of Binance manipulating the crypto market through the purchased CoinMarketCap and pocket CoinMarketCap placed BNB in 1st place in the DeFi rating and deleted it after criticism, but now it becomes clear even to the CoinMarketCap management that there’s nothing to benefit from the Binance scam. The reputation risks are off the charts and left the CoinMarketCap service literally after 4 months under the management of Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

Five managers of the crypto rating portal CoinMarketCap left the company. This was announced by interim CEO Karilyn Chan, who was also included in this list. Also included in this list was Spencer Young, VP of Operations, Growth, and Revenue, Jeremy Seo, VP of Product, Matthew Lipple, Director of Global Growth, and Jared Chin, Project and Event Manager.

Four months ago, the Binance exchange acquired CoinMarketCap for an estimated amount of $ 400 million. When asked whether this event played a role in their decision, Chan and Young refused to answer. According to the publication, the top managers were fired by Binance and plan to replace them with their own staff. An exchange spokesperson publicly lied that CoinMarketCap "operates independently." CoinMarketCap said that for now, the platform will be led by a "cohesive group that will continue to work closely with the community."

The crypto industry lost CoinMarketCap after selling it to Binance scammers. There is nothing to be done, there are still many monitors on the market that provide independent information and have not been noticed in manipulating the cryptocurrency market.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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