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Binance began to block users from the USA for visibility

US deceiving regulators (Operation Tai Chi) - The casino has decided to publicly and ostentatiously start blocking US users. Previously, Binance only verbally prohibited the use of its casinos by US users, now it has begun sending letters.

Until now, American clients of the exchange indicated during registration that they had nothing to do with the United States, solely at their own request and without appropriate checks. According to ScamBinance, Binance is now sending out emails based on an analysis of the user's IP addresses:

"In accordance with regulatory requirements, we are unable to provide services to US citizens or residents," – said in the message.

Casino-Binance suggested that users switch to Binance.US or choose other American platforms for their activities, but refrain from Binance.Com and as we stated earlier in the Goals, objectives and assistance to the project - you should not refrain and withdraw your funds from Binance US citizens only, and all users.

The company made the decision to block the accounts after American regulators accused the owners of the BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange of running an unregistered trading platform and violating the rules of the Expedited Trading Commission. BitMEX and its owners are in a difficult position, as they also made a lot of money on crypto casinos, not paying attention to the legislation and committing criminal acts, among other things, the Binance scam exchange - commits similar criminal acts and in every possible way avoids any legal practices in its criminal activity.

As a reminder, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao called the harassment of BitMEX a "wake-up call" for the bitcoin industry and urged its representatives to be careful. In other words, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao worries about his criminal business and the consequences of such a business for himself and all participants and beneficiaries, it is not for nothing that Binance does not answer questions about the legal and physical location and hides the legal structure from regulators and users around the world.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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